I am so pleased to announce the launch of a very special project! I worked with Kim, the founder of Hot Sugar Baker to help create a website for her that is completely custom and has everything she could ever need to take her baking business to the next level! 

Hot Sugar Baker Stephanie Cowan

We had our first consultation two months ago when we decided that a blog would be the best thing to help her business soar! I helped her design the concept of her website and we hit the ground running!

Stephanie Cowan Hot sugar Baker

After we chose the layout we got to work brainstorming all it took to make this dream a reality! Kim and I planned out each section and then made a shot list for everything we needed for the website. I added my famous video feature to make her site even more personal! After our photoshoot, we added the finishing touches and we're ready to launch! We have gotten amazing feedback and a lot of traction since launching earlier this week! 

Kim is such a talented baker and has created delicious vegan recipes that are so insanely good. She bakes because she loves to and you can absolutely taste it in every bite. 

Friends, I proudly present to you.. the hot sugar baker blog!